Playhard Heroes #1 Sycamore

Playhard Heroes Action Figure Series 1

Meet Sycamore #1:

A hero of the big city – this tough guy is built to handle any chaotic and over-encroaching situation with ease and even an optimistic smile! If the Playhard Heroes were to choose a leader, Sycamore would surely win the vote.

Sycamore gets his strength from his chest. He has his own unique power of lightning – nature’s electric source. He fights crime with ease and valiantly protects our earth.

Built strong with superhero-worthy materials and packaged in an equally tough laser engraved wooden boxes, complete with chalkboard painted interiors, the Playhard Hero Action Figures are a brilliant alternative to the traditional plastic figures.

ريال قطري 80.00

حالة التوفر: متوفر في المخزون

Playhard Heroes #1 Sycamore


  • Exceptionally strong materials for lasting durability.
  • Encourages creativity, imaginative play, and storytelling.
  • Bring to life your own custom superhero story!


  • Wooden articulated action figure.
  • Fully adjustable body connected by elastic strings and metal joints.


  • 1 – Superhero
  • Packaged in a Laser Engraved Wooden Storage Box
    • Chalkboard Painted Interior

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Limit: 6 Per Order

تحذير: خطر الاختناق - أجزاء صغيرة. غير مخصص للأطفال دون سن 3 سنوات.

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