Color Sorting Set

Colors sorting set is a great learning toy that will help your kid to study colors, vegetables and fruits. Sorter – is an educational toy, that develops logic, perseverance, fine motor skills and others.

With this interesting sorting game set you will have a great time with your child! And if you want just to relax and have a cup of coffee while watching your child playing, this exciting toy will also help you, because it will captivate your kid for a long time.

Colors sorting set from Mini Garden Store consists of 7 colored wooden bowls, 21 realistic handmade colorful miniature vegetables and fruits made from polymer clay, wooden plate and spoon. Size of each miniature 1-2.5 inches (2,5-6 cm) – depends on the item, that is perfect for the development of fine motor skills.

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Color Sorting Set

Child’s task – is to place all miniatures into the appropriate bowl. From early ages, this game teaches a child to sort things. In future, this skill will help your kid to be more organized and to put all the things in their places.

Polymer clay used for miniatures is non-toxic and absolutely safe for children. Besides all products are very resistant and are not afraid of falls. Your child can play with them even in water (just don’t leave figures in water for a long time).


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