Fruit Set

Miniature fruits set consists of 20 miniatures which are made with love from polymer clay and leaning cards. Size of each miniature is 1-2.5 inches (2,5-6 cm) – depends on item, that is perfect for development of fine motor skills.

These unique handmade toys without doubt will impress your kid, because they look very realistic! With polymer clay miniatures from Mini Garden Store you will definitely have a great time with your child! And if you want just relax and have a cup of coffee while watching your child playing, these figures are perfect, because they will captivate your baby for a long time.

These useful educational toys help children to explore the world: children easily in a playful way learn the names of vegetables, colors, shapes, learn to count and to sort. These miniatures also help to develop attention and logic, which is very important for children development. Older kids can use the realistic fruits and vegetables for the play pretend dames – grocery shop, dollhouse, kitchen.

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Fruit Set

Polymer clay used for miniatures is non-toxic and absolutely safe for children. Besides all products are very resistant and are not afraid of falls. Your child can play with them even in water (just don’t leave figures in water for a long time). And most importantly, such toys will never get boring! Also such set is a perfect gift for any holiday!

Fruits and berries included:
1. Apple
2. Pear
3. Banana
4. Orange
5. Lemon
6. Grape
7. Strawberry
8. Peach
9. Apricot
10. Plum
11. Watermelon
12. Melon
13. Orange
14. Persimmon
15. Raspberry
16. Mandarin
17. Cherry
18. Blackberry
19. Blueberries
20. Avocado

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