Rainbow Constructor Set

This wooden constructor consisting of Large Wooden Rainbow, Rainbow Semi-Circles, Rainbow Building Boards and Rainbow Peg dolls is an educational game for toddlers, fun puzzle, perfect toddler gift and great decor.

Large Wooden Rainbow
A beautiful 9 piece wooden stacking and open ended toy painted to reflect the colours of rainbow.
These rainbow shaped wooden stacking toys giv endless opportunties for play from stacking and balancing to making bridges and structures. To be enjoyed by all the family and treasured for generations.
Please note that knots, patterns and rich grain colours are part of the natural beauty of the wood and are normal and treasured features of wooden toys. Each senset is cut from a single block of wood and you will often see the same features continuing through the various rainbow pieces.

Rainbow Semi-Circles
The possibilities for play with this wonderful wooden rainbow set are endless. It really can be enjoyed over and over without being tired of. Tiny tots will enjoy sorting the 8 semi-circle pieces by size and older children can use them to create beautiful patterns and designs. Combine with the Large Wooden Rainbow for an extra-special toy set and make your own rainbow dolls’ houses and colourful structures that really can be quite impressive. You can also make towers and all sorts of structures using wooden blocks too.

Rainbow Building Boards
This set contains 8 wooden Building Boards stained are the perfect fit for the piece Large Wooden Rainbow and Rainbow Semi-Circles – combine all three to make rooms for a dolls’ house, stables and sheds on a toy farm, or wonderful worlds for peg people. Or just use with the rainbow to learn about weight and balancing. Creative children will find a whole load of other ways to incorporate them into building games and making patterns, and they’re also great as counting aids, for colour sorting and as ingredients in a play kitchen. This simple open-ended toy can be used in a myriad of ways to inspire creativity and learning.
These building boards can be used on their own to build colourful buildings and can be combined with other block sets too for unlimited architectural possibilities. Children will love building with these beautiful slats which come in a range of rainbow colours.

Rainbow Peg dolls
9 wooden rainbow friends. You can simply let your children play freely with these beautiful figures, counting, ordering and so on and also social interaction, kindness and relationships. Each set of dolls is unique and full of natural beauty.

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Rainbow Constructor Set

Set includes:
– half rings, collected rainbow size 1.6×5.7×11.5″ (40x145x290 mm) – 9 pcs.
– semicircles, each board is 0.3″ (6 mm) thick and between 3.3-11.5″ (85-290 mm) long – 8 pcs.
– rectangles, each board is 0.3″ (6 mm) thick, 1.6″ (40 mm) wide and between 3.3-11.5″ (85-290 mm) long – 8 pcs.
– peg dolls 1.4″ (35 mm), in a hat – 2.4″ (60 mm) – 9 pcs.

– Linden wood, plywood.
– Natural colored wax and oil for children’s toys.

– The wood structure with thick layer of paint and lacquer. The toys are velvety to the touch.
– This item is 100% handmade so the color and size of the toy may differ slightly from the one on the photo. Colour may vary from that on the picture due to differences in monitor colour set up. Each toy is unique and inimitable.
– Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp textile to wipe them.
– All toys have been created in a smoke-free room.

Made in Russia


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