Solar System

“Solar System” is a great aid allowing the kid to touch the planets. The base has the names of particular planets engraved in it, as well as hollows where the child places the planets with pliers. Planets have different sizes — just as in reality. All of them are hand-painted, unique, and original — to render the nature of these celestial objects as much as possible.

Wooden planets are painted with attested paints — they are safe for children. They are additionally covered with colourless and odourless varnish, safe for children.

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Solar System

The set includes:

– a pouch with planets (from the “Planets” set)

– pliers

– base

– cards with planet names and photos

– descriptions of the planets

The child gains knowledge through play, practises fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, learns precision and the structure of the Solar System at the same time.


– base: 48 x 25cm

– the biggest planet: 5.5 cm diameter

– the smallest planet: 2.5 cm diameter


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